AccuLien Web Based Management System

Our unique “true” real time Web Based system, AccuLien, provides Accurate Lien customers with a mirror image of Accurate Lien’s in house system. Data entry can be accomplished by uploading a file from your legacy software system to eliminate manual data entry. If this method is not convenient, manual entry is available. AccuLien allows clients the ability and ease to safeguard all of their nationwide notices in one central location. You, the client, can track every action taken by your designated account representative. Real time status changes with relevant notes will make you aware of action required of you. Relevant correspondence between all parties is contained in AccuLien, and not scattered throughout multiple emails, faxes and voice messages. Additionally, AccuLien allows the ability to set numerous search criteria as filters to generate customized reports to meet your needs.

AccuLien is available on any computer with Internet access at any time for your convenience. Accurate Lien clients have no need to install the latest software, upload updates or perform daily synchronizing of databases. AccuLien can be used to request preliminary lien notices, mechanic's liens, stop notices and bond letters. In addition, AccuLien gives clients the ability to take the information from their prelien notices and auto-fill the waiver of their choice.  Our clients can then print the waiver and place it into a standard window envelope at no charge. The system notes area also tracks waivers issued for a particular project.                            

Accurate Lien also has an in-house IT staff, including programming staff to constantly improve AccuLien and assist our customers. Customer feedback is always welcomed to suggest improvements to AccuLien.

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